Are you completely happy with the shape, size, and color of your teeth? Maybe life has taken its toll on your smile. General wear like cracking and chipping, gaps between teeth, or stains caused by food, caffeine and tobacco use can keep your teeth from looking their best. Dental veneers can help.


For a big improvement, porcelain (or composite) veneers, which are special thin laminates that are permanently bonded to the teeth, provide great results.


The process is fairly quick and simple. A skilled lab technician uses an impression of your teeth to mold your veneers. The teeth are then buffed, removing an extremely thin layer of enamel to allow the veneer to be bonded to them with special cement. A special light is used to complete the process.


In just two or three visits, your San Marcos dentist can give you a beautiful smile you’ll want to show off!